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Fabian Grell
Gutenbergstrasse 3
33615 Bielefeld
Tel: (+49) (0) 157 737 53 948

My name is Fabian and I am a photographer from the west of Bielefeld.

After a few detours via music videos, long exposures and landscape photography, I found my creative home port in experimental portrait photography: The endless combinations of lights, colors, materials and faces inspire me anew with every shoot.

My pictures get their special look through my unique style of post-processing, which has developed over 15 years of experience in image processing and retouching. Thanks to my master’s degree in media studies (M.Sc.), I have a broad and well-founded knowledge of digital photography and image processing.

My shootings are like playing in the sandpit: creative and uncomplicated. My photographs are somewhere between aesthetics and emotion, perfection and provocation.

Clip skills. Normal can be found somewhere else.